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Lawsuit Filed by Jodi and Scott Ferris Statement

March 28, 2012

We have received numerous inquiries about a statement issued by the attorney representing Jodi and Scott Ferris regarding the birth and treatment of their child.  The events in question occurred nearly two years ago, in June 2010.  The version of what occurred at that time as presented by the Ferrises' attorney is inaccurate and incomplete.

The Ferrises recently filed a lawsuit related to these events, and we intend to present the facts concerning what actually occurred as we defend this lawsuit. Federal privacy laws limit what information we can publicly share.

However, those facts will show that the care afforded the Ferrises was medically and legally appropriate, and that the personal rights of the family were respected at all times while under our care.

The characterization of Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center as a “government hospital” is also incorrect.  The Medical Center is a non-profit hospital with its own board of directors.  It is not run by the state or federal governments.