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I am Penn State Health: Julio Torres

An occupational therapist at Penn State Health St. Joseph for 26 years, Julio Torres strives to show his patients genuine care that he says springs from his deep spiritual faith.

No matter how stressful the day is, Julio says he feels purpose and joy because he knows he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. Patients and co-workers often comment on his positive vibe, which he hopes uplifts both his workplace and his patients’ health.

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I am Penn State Health -- Julio Torres

This is the Best Part of Working at Penn State Health

We get a lot of positive comments about St. Joe’s because it’s smaller, and patients feel the care is personal. I love getting to know the patients and hear about their lives. They’re kind of like family to me, and I think that relationship helps them get better faster.

How I Got Here

My parents are from Puerto Rico, but I was born in New Jersey. I’m the only one in my immediate family who went to college. I graduated from Temple University and did field work at St. Joseph, which led to my first job here – and I’ve never left.

A Typical Day Looks Like This

I work with eight to 10 patients a day, usually in the outpatient area. Many are dealing with hand or wrist issues like fractures, tendonitis or arthritis, but I also have people who have had strokes. I evaluate them and develop their therapy plan and their at-home exercise program. Many of my patients speak Spanish, so the fact that I’m bilingual is very beneficial.

Biggest COVID Challenge

Having to schedule fewer patients each day was challenging, but the uncertainty of the whole situation as it evolved was unnerving. It was only by relying on my faith in God that I was able to find peace, and I tried to pass that onto my patients.

My Part in the Big Picture

To know that I’ve been a small part of our patients being able to get back to activities of daily living brings me great joy. I know that I’m here to show others that God and love are real.

How I Spend my Free Time

I love to read my Bible and listen to Christian music, and I love, love, love sports – especially the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees.

Something that Might Surprise You About Me

People assume I must have had a perfect life because I’m so happy, but actually I grew up in an abusive household and didn’t know what love was. I’ve had a rough life. After I met Christ, I could finally say I know who I am.

What Others Say About Julio

“Julio is a genuinely kind person who is well known by staff in many departments because of his positive attitude and willingness to always help others.”

~  Lisa Zwierzyna, manager, physical therapy

This is Why I’m Proud to Work Here

St. Joseph has always been loved and respected in our community, and that’s been enhanced since we became part of Penn State Health. We have more doctors and specialists on-site, which gives patients more options and convenience.

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