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David Simmons stands holding a bowl in one hand. Behind him, another man in a mask wearing a tie and shirtsleeves, watches. They stand in front a wall covered with notes.

Hope on the horizon: student-led vigil and memorial starts journey of healing

A group from Penn State College of Medicine gathered in the chapel at Hershey Medical Center on the eve of the one-year anniversary from when the Medical Center admitted its first COVID-positive patient on March 20, 2020.

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Clinical research changes for College of Medicine take effect March 15, 2021

Effective Nov. 23, 2020, Penn State College of Medicine and Pen State Health will pause all clinical research studies involving in-person interaction with participants that do not have a direct drug or device therapeutic benefit.

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Orthopedic Institute of PA to provide care at Penn State Health’s Cumberland County hospitals

Penn State Health and Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania (OIP) have entered into a collaborative agreement for OIP to provide orthopedic care at Penn State Health’s two Cumberland County hospitals.

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PSECU gift supports NICU patients at Penn State Children’s Hospital

To celebrate the expansion of Penn State Children’s Hospital, PSECU has committed $10,000 to Children’s Miracle Network to purchase equipment that brings comfort to babies in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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Registration opens for Penn State Health-supported Lancaster County Community Vaccination Center

Penn State Health and other members of the Vaccinate Lancaster Coalition announced today that registration is open for the Lancaster County Community Vaccination Center’s limited public opening on Wednesday, March 10.

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Latest Research

Closeup man with mask during COVID-19 pandemic smoking a cigarette at the street.

Pandemic stress, boredom caused some PA residents to increase cigarette use

Stress, increased free time and feelings of boredom may have contributed to an increase in the number of cigarettes smoked per day during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Understanding how cells repair DNA may lead to targeted cancer treatments

The human body is made up of trillions of cells that divide throughout a person’s lifetime. Each time a cell divides, its genetic material is copied and reproduced so the […]

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Researchers join study evaluating blood test to diagnose endometriosis

Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine are participating in a study that will evaluate whether a blood test can be used to determine if a person has endometriosis.

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Zinc oxide may provide relief for facemask irritation

Zinc oxide topical ointment – commonly used to treat conditions like diaper rash or eczema – may be the best way to provide relief from irritation caused by wearing facemasks, […]

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Preventing injuries and improving recovery with micro-Doppler radars

Micro-Doppler radars could soon be used in clinical settings to predict injury risk and track recovery progress, according to Penn State researchers.

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Latest Medical Minutes

Low angle shot of business people standing behind social distancing signage on office floor. People in queue at office for safe entry checks post coronavirus pandemic.

The Medical Minute: Proceed with caution even after vaccination

More and more Americans are becoming vaccinated against COVID-19, but headlines warn that the number of cases is rising. What’s up with that?

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The Medical Minute: Endometriosis is incurable, but women have options

While there’s no known cure for endometriosis, women battling the often painful inflammatory condition have more choices than ever before. Learn more from Dr. Kristin Riley in this Medical Minute.

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The Medical Minute: You + your doctor = patient safety

National Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 14-20, but in reality, it’s a year-round focus for hospital staff – and one that started long before COVID-19 made you think twice about it.

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The Medical Minute: Colonoscopy comes calling earlier under new screening guidelines

Evolving evidence shows screening tests should actually start at age 45 for people at average risk for colorectal cancer. Two Penn State Health doctors discuss new guidelines.

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The Medical Minute: Don’t overdo it in winter weather

Whether the blanket of snow outside beckons you to a winter play land of skiing and sledding or to the mundane tasks of shoveling or snow blowing, consider your health and safety before you venture out.

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Latest Education

Medical school students wearing white physician coats stand and sit around a gray, stone wall with the words “Penn State University” carved into it. A row of trees stand in the background.

Small group learning opportunities are at the heart of Penn State College of Medicine University Park Curriculum

Students say Penn State College of Medicine’s University Park Curriculum in State College provides them with a great education in a more intimate setting.

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Vrana recognized for Exceptional Moments in Teaching

Kent Vrana, chair of the Department of Pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine, is featured for April in the “Exceptional Moments in Teaching” program.

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Unconscious bias: Own it and oust it

Dr. Chen Zhao, neurologist at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center will touch on the role that unconscious bias plays in medical research in “Cognitive Evaluation of Diverse Populations,” Thursday, April 8, from noon to 1 p.m.

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Leaders Celebrating Leaders honors accomplishments, commitment of students

The offices of the Dean, Vice Dean for Educational Affairs, Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and Nursing chose to virtually highlight student leaders from the Leaders Celebrating Leaders program for their hard work and accomplishments.

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The masked match: finding a future in medicine in the midst of a pandemic

Fourth-year medical student Nate Tolman remembers when the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic first set in. He was spending time with his fiancée, Brenda Iglesias, in Los Angeles in early […]

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Latest Patient Care

Kristy Keegan Leitz, a mental health worker at Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center, stands in front of a window with computers. She has long hair and is smiling and holding a clipboard. She is wearing a striped shirt and a lanyard with keys.

Behind the Scenes on the Front Lines: Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Psychiatry and Behavioral Health staff at Penn State Health put aside their own anxiety and uncertainty to offer reassurance to patients, colleagues and community members during the past year.

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Penn State Health bringing nationally ranked pediatric care to Lancaster County

Penn State Health is expanding the nationally ranked pediatric specialty care of Penn State Children’s Hospital to Lancaster County with the construction of a 47,000-square-foot pediatric outpatient center.

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St. Joseph Medical Center Recognizes Guardian Angels for exceptional care

St. Joseph Medical Center presented three Guardian Angel awards on March 18 to Cancer Center staff recognized by patients and family members for exhibiting kindness and exceptional care.

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Highmark and Penn State Health continue to expand access for residents of central Pennsylvania

Highmark Health and Penn State Health are making it easier for residents of Cumberland County to access primary care with the opening of a new clinic on the Highmark corporate campus.

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Urgent care centers cut down on wait times and have better hours of operation

You made it through the night, but you still aren’t feeling well. The next available appointment with your primary care physician is not until tomorrow. What do you do?

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Latest Ask Us Anything About

A world map with lines drawn somewhat randomly between various countries.

Ask Us Anything About...COVID 19 Variants

or months now, we’ve been hearing about how the COVID-19 vaccines show promise of finally moving past the pandemic. But now comes word that the virus that causes COVID is mutating. In this interview, we learn what this process means for the pandemic that has lasted for over a year now. Are the mutations another roadblock to getting our lives back to normal? We get answers from two Penn State Health experts.

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Ask Us Anything About… Colorectal Cancer

The second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. is often easy to catch early – even before it’s cancer. March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. We learn more about the risk factors and screening methods involved from Dr. Hadassah Consuegra, colorectal surgeon at Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center.

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Ask Us Anything About... Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation and wellness programs can help people recover from cardiovascular disease as well as learn how to eat better, exercise and maintain good health for life. In this interview, Allison Cannon and Parker Dundore, clinical exercise physiologists at Penn State Health St. Joseph, talk about complete rehabilitation care for a full range of cardiovascular conditions.

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Ask Us Anything About… Women’s Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although heart disease is sometimes thought of as a “man’s disease,” it kills roughly the same number of women and men each year.

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Ask Us Anything About...NICU Care

When having a baby, parents don’t like to imagine their child needing to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Dr. Jeff Kaiser, chief of neonatal-perinatal medicine at Penn State Children’s Hospital, helps new parents understand what they need to consider when choosing a hospital and what to expect if your child needs to go to the NICU.

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Latest Community

Rachel Frometa, who is seated and wears a mask and sunglasses on the top of her head, holds the hand of her mother, Betty Frometa, who stands beside her, as a vaccine is pressed into her arm by the hands of a health care worker.

Feeling relieved: Pop-up vaccination clinics reach underserved populations

Penn State Health is partnering with community organizations and local governments to help Phase 1A-eligible individuals in underserved communities have access to COVID-19 vaccinations.

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‘Go with the flo’: Nurse spearheads project to combat period poverty

Megan Swope, a perianesthesia nurse at Hershey Medical Center, created The Period Project Harrisburg to address the need for hygiene packs for low-income and homeless individuals who menstruate.

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Family who lost mom to COVID-19 donates iPads

Karen Pearson and her brother, Michael Books, are on a mission to raise funds to supply hospitals across the nation with iPads for every COVID-19 patient upon arrival.

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Pawsitivity: College of Medicine student uses 3D printers to create masks for homeless people

A medical student at Penn State College of Medicine teamed up with his brothers to produce 1,000 face masks for homeless people using 3D printers.

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Penn State PRO Wellness partners with Kohl’s Cares to enhance school wellness program

Kohl’s Cares has awarded $100,000 to Penn State PRO Wellness to support Healthy Champion school wellness initiatives through the Circle of Wellness program.

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Latest People

A man in a ball cap with an S on the front and a surgical mask stands next to a woman in a mask and a hoodie, partially obscured by a car.

Out of retirement: Former Penn State Health employees come back to help colleagues set up vaccine sites

Six former Penn State Health managers came out of retirement to help stand up the health system’s first locations for inoculating the surrounding community, a mammoth undertaking involving dozens of their colleagues near and far.

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Dr. Robert Harbaugh earns national lifetime achievement award in neurosurgery

Neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Harbaugh, distinguished professor and chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Hershey Medical Center, will receive the 2021 Harvey Cushing Medal, the highest honor awarded in neurosurgery.

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Holy Spirit names Jho 2021 Physician of the Year

Holy Spirit Medical Center presented Dr. Diana Jho with the 2021 Physician of the Year award during its annual Doctor’s Day Appreciation Breakfast on March 30.

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Behind the Scenes on the Front Lines: Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Services staff have always been key to the safety and cleanliness of Penn State Health, but they felt the weight of their task more keenly during COVD-19.

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See hope: Local artists use their craft to inspire cancer patients at Lime Spring Outpatient Center

Local artisan Linda Billet infuses her glass mosaics with themes she hopes will comfort patients who see them on the walls at Penn State Health Lime Spring Outpatient Center ― Hematology/Oncology.

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