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Three men wearing bike helmets and T-shirts ride mountain bikes on a narrow, dirt trail. Four people watch them on either side of the trail. One man is holding garden shears.

Hershey Medical Center Trail System opens for recreation

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and the Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA) hosted the grand opening of a new 10-mile recreational trail on and around the Hershey Medical Center campus on Oct. 13. SAMBA members cut a vine to mark the opening of the Hershey Medical Center Trail System. • See […]

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Physician Assistant Program students lead effort to send meals to families in need

Students from the Physician Assistant Program at Penn State College of Medicine packaged more than 14,000 meals for people in need all over the globe. The Oct 12. event, held in the University Conference Center on the campus of Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, was the culmination of the students’ effort which […]

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College of Medicine awarded grant to promote healthy lifestyles and improve nutrition in Lebanon and Berks counties

Penn State College of Medicine has received a nearly $4 million grant to promote healthy lifestyles and improve nutrition for Hispanic people living in Berks and Lebanon counties.

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Spirit Halloween, Child Life make magical combination

Spirit of Children is making hospital stays more pleasant for kids and their families by raising funds to support Child Life programs at hospitals in local communities, including Penn State Children’s Hospital.

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Latest Research

The view down a long sidewalk of a residential neighborhood. A grassy area lined with trees is between the sidewalk and the road. Some cars and buildings are in the background.

Newly funded project to focus on health in rural Pennsylvania communities

Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute has been awarded a $416,000 grant from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences for a pilot program to better understand the issues facing rural communities and address a decline in American life expectancy.

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New predictive models may transform personalized treatment of infectious disease

A new National Institutes of Health (NIH) High-Risk, High-Reward grant will allow Penn State’s Dr. Steven Schiff and team to explore a radically changed approach to predicting, preventing and treating infectious disease at the individual level at point-of-care.

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Computer model may help scientists split up, reassemble proteins on command

Splitting up and getting back together is always hard to do, but for proteins, it's almost impossible. However, a computer-guided algorithm may help scientists find just the right spot to split a protein and then reassemble it to functionality.

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Team research reveals how cells “eat and sleep” may impact several cancer types

From aging to cancer—with quite a bit in between—Katherine Aird, assistant professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Penn State College of Medicine, and her team have a whole world of research opportunities in front of them.

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Latest Medical Minutes

A woman blows her nose with a tissue. In the foreground is a table with various liquid medications and pills, as well as a drink and other items.

The Medical Minute: Preparing for flu season

Experts say it's always better to get the flu vaccine than not.

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The Medical Minute: Mental health and overall wellness important for breast cancer patients

It’s bad enough that breast cancer attacks physical health, but it can also take a toll on mental health and overall wellness.

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The Medical Minute: Healthy volunteers vital to clinical trials

There is an ongoing need for healthy volunteers in clinical research studies that can lead to healthcare breakthroughs that provide better drugs and treatments for patients.

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The Medical Minute: Navigating new car seat guidelines to keep kids safe

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one child under the age of 13 is involved in a crash every 33 seconds.

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Latest Education

The Penn State College of Medicine Crescent facade is seen at 500 University Drive in Hershey, PA, framed by grass below and a blue sky with clouds above. In front of the building to the right, two flagpoles can be seen displaying the American and Pennsylvania flags.

New psychiatry fellowship addresses looming shortage of community psychiatrists

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry are partnering to offer a Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship to address the growing shortage of psychiatrists.

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Penn State College of Medicine leads transformation of medical education

Being selected to host the American Medical Association’s (AMA) “Accelerating Change in Medical Education” conference both acknowledged Penn State College of Medicine’s hard-won expertise in health systems science and enabled its leaders to share strategies for revolutionizing medical education.

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Multi-campus collaboration tells story of cancer in central Pennsylvania

Penn State has launched its first cancer-related Story Map, “The Story of Cancer in Central Pennsylvania.” The interactive geospatial map illustrates the extent of the cancer problem in the region.

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New College of Medicine graduate students take oath to uphold integrity

Seventy incoming graduate students pursuing a master’s or PhD degree in the public health or biomedical sciences at Penn State College of Medicine took part in the annual Graduate Student Oath Ceremony on Aug. 17.

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Latest Patient Care

A physician in a white coat stands next to a patient who's in a hospital bed. The doctor's hands are placed on the patient's shoulder and neck area.

“Every day is a gift:” 500th heart transplant patient celebrates milestone with gratitude

David Wheeler’s heart transplant, which took place on June 23, marks the 500th heart transplant since Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center began doing the transplants in 1984.

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Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic marks 80 years of improving children’s lives

A team of surgeons from Penn State Children's Hospital performs cleft lip, palate and other craniofacial procedures at the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic.

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Penn State Cancer Institute now offering CAR T-cell therapy

Penn State Cancer Institute is now the first and only oncology center in central Pennsylvania to offer patients CAR T-cell therapy, a cutting-edge treatment that has been successful treating a common type of lymphoma.

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Hershey Medical Center celebrates National Doctors' Day

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is celebrating National Doctors' Day, an annual observance to recognize the contributions of physicians to the communities they serve.

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Latest Ask Us Anything About

Ask Us Anything About... Child Sexual Abuse

Ask Us Anything About… Child Sexual Abuse

It hurts to think about anyone sexually abusing a child. But far too often, people don’t know what to do if they suspect a child is being harmed in such a manner. Whose responsibility is it to say something? And where can they turn?

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Ask Us Anything About… Life After Childhood Cancer

As if it weren't hard enough to fight cancer as a kid, childhood cancer survivors are at a higher risk of developing physical and emotional difficulties once their treatment is complete. We learn more about these challenges and how professionals at Penn State Children’s Hospital navigate them from Dr. Smita Dandekar, director of the Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Clinic, and Amanda Musser, Four Diamonds social worker.

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Ask Us Anything About… 3D Printing in Healthcare

3D printing has a unique place in healthcare -- from revolutionizing how surgeries are carried out to the increased benefits of manufacturing prostheses and implants.

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Ask Us Anything About… Sarcoma

It's often considered "the forgotten cancer." Sarcoma is a tumor that occurs in the bones and soft tissues such as fat and muscle.

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Latest Community

Six women stand along a sidewalk near a city street. Some hold bags; two are holding step ladders. They all wear orange shirts with the slogan “LIVE UNITED” and the United Way logo.

Penn State Health team spreads kindness at Day of Caring

A team of Penn State Health employees were among nearly 1,700 volunteers who lent a hand during the United Way of the Capital Region’s 26th annual Day of Caring.

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Volunteer drives four hours round-trip to take patient to her appointments

Eighty-four-year-old Josephine Kurtz cared for others as a nurse's aide, tended to elderly family members and still visits nursing home residents. Now, a selfless stranger is making it possible for her to make the long trek from her home to Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute.

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College of Medicine, Rodale Institute partner to improve public health

Penn State College of Medicine and Rodale Institute have announced a partnership to connect food production with health care and to promote and improve public health.

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Hershey Community Garden adds 100 plots

Penn State Health leaders joined Hershey Entertainment & Resorts and other Hershey organizations to celebrate the grand opening of Phase II of the Hershey Community Garden.

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Latest People

A man and a woman stand side-by-side looking through a photo album that the man is holding in his hands.

From preemie to premed: former NICU baby all grown up, ready for career in medicine

One recent August morning on the seventh floor of Penn State Children’s Hospital, Tiffany Seibert shared an embrace with Dr. Charles Palmer, 21 years after they first met.

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Helping Josiah be Josiah ― A story about friendship

When he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014, Four Diamonds child Josiah Garcia turned to his best friend to help him feel less like a kid with cancer, and more like just a kid.

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A career for the ages: Eyster revolutionizes understanding of HIV and hepatitis C

It’s not every day you meet someone who changed the way the world understood the development of HIV and hepatitis C or any other infectious disease. But that is precisely the accomplishment of Dr. Elaine Eyster.

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Bringing ‘Stigma People’ into focus

"Photography kind of found me…you might even say it saved my life."

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