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Latest News

Two women fold the American flag. A crowd of people watch from a distance.

Penn State Health affinity groups bring employees together, promote diversity, respect

Employee affinity groups are growing and promoting the interests of people connected to Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine.

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Penn State College of Medicine honored for commitment to diversity

INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine has recognized Penn State College of Medicine with a national award for its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Pay 4 Play on WQXA 105.7 The X raises $315,981 for Penn State Children’s Hospital

The 14th annual People’s Pay 4 Play on WQXA 105.7 The X on Nov. 12 and 13 raised $315,981.35 for Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Children’s Hospital. That brings the event’s 14-year fundraising tally to $2.39 million.

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Doing well by doing good for veterans: Penn State Health seeks to provide support

A Penn State Health veterans group is dedicated to helping other veterans who work at Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine, along with patients, through health care system challenges.

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Children’s Hospital moves patients into its newly opened floors

More than 150 staff volunteers spent their Sunday helping to move patients into the newly opened floors of the Children’s Hospital.

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Latest Research

A statue depicting the mascot of Penn State University, the Nittany Lion, surrounded by bushes.

Grant funding supports College of Medicine research on diabetes, addiction, other medical conditions

Faculty at Penn State College of Medicine received a total of more than $38 million in research funding in August and September 2020.

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Certain CBD oils no better than pure CBD at inhibiting certain cancer cell lines

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are equally or less effective at inhibiting the growth of certain cancer cells compared to pure CBD, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.

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Diseases of despair diagnoses increase in Pennsylvania

Medical diagnoses involving alcohol-related disorders, substance-related disorders and suicidal thoughts and behaviors – commonly referred to as diseases of despair – increased in Pennsylvania health insurance claims between the years 2007 and 2018, according to researchers.

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Study confirms spit testing may help doctors diagnose concussions

Doctors may soon be able to more accurately diagnose concussions by measuring the number of certain molecules in a person’s saliva, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.

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2020 Research Recognition Awards honor faculty, staff contributions

Penn State College of Medicine presented its 2020 Research Recognition Awards immediately following the fall Dean’s lecture Oct. 29.

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Latest Medical Minutes

Pictured from the knees down, people stand at a series of taped-off lines on a floor.

The Medical Minute: Overcoming pandemic fatigue

After nine months of social distancing, masking and quarantining, many people are experiencing pandemic fatigue. Whether it manifests as anxiety, exhaustion or defiance, it’s important to recognize and address it for the sake of our physical and emotional health.

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The Medical Minute: Virtual gatherings may be best way to celebrate holidays together

As families weigh options for celebrating the holidays amid COVID-19 health restrictions, people who have always been together during these happy times are struggling with the idea of being apart this year. A Penn State Health physician has suggestions on how to cope.

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The Medical Minute: Choosing the right baby formula

Baby formulas come in vibrant containers, adorned with pictures of stuffed toys and adorable infant faces. They carry all sorts of brand names, labels and initials. So, how can parents know which one is right for their baby?

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The Medical Minute: The three types of COVID-19 tests

Eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about testing abound. With COVID-19 cases trending upward, it’s important to understand when individuals should seek getting tested and what type of test they should have.

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The Medical Minute: Getting help following a sexual assault

For those seeking care for a sexual assault, a hospital visit can be terrifying. Providers say that’s why helping a patient feel safe and in control throughout their experience is critical.

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Latest Education

Image shows a portrait of Dr. Tess Chase next to the words “Our students present Exceptional Moments in Teaching Residents/Fellows.”

OB/GYN resident Chase honored for exceptional teaching

Dr. Tess Chase, an obstetrics/gynecology resident at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, was honored in November 2020 as part of the Exceptional Moments in Teaching program of Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine.

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St. Joseph staff take career guidance online during pandemic

Leadership staff from St. Joseph’s Breidegam Birthing Center share career guidance with local high school students as part of Solve-It Berks initiative.

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Phaeton recognized for Exceptional Moments in Teaching

Dr. Rebecca Phaeton is featured for November in the “Exceptional Moments in Teaching” program.

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Underrepresented students find pipeline to Penn State College of Medicine opportunities

Penn State College of Medicine is creating pipeline programs to help underrepresented students reach medical school and ultimately become doctors.

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Psychiatry resident Piper honored for exceptional teaching

Dr. Luke Piper was recognized in October 2020 as part of the Exceptional Moments in Teaching program of Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine.

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Latest Patient Care

Terianny Vicente holds son Calvin, who is wearing a plaid shirt and pants, as Jo Rosenberger and Calvin’s big sister look on. Vicente, who has long hair, wears a sweater, jeans and a mask. Rosenberger wears scrubs and a mask. Hospital equipment and computer monitors are in the hallway behind them.

First look: Pediatric nurse gives unforgettable introduction to family affected by COVID-19

When expectant mom Terianny Vicente turned up positive for COVID-19 just as her labor began, one pediatric nurse in particular filled her post-delivery days away from her newborn son with keepsakes to remember.

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National Diabetes Month shines spotlight on importance of education, support

Living with any form of diabetes isn’t easy. In honor of National Diabetes Month, learn the warning signs of diabetes and tips for navigating this disease.

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We are Penn State Health: It’s all about the patients at St. Joseph’s lab

Meet the unsung heroes of Penn State Health – the lab team at St. Joseph Medical Center.

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You’ve got a friend: Penn State Health earns highest marks in patient loyalty nationwide

Pediatrician Dr. Melissa Tribuzio dances with the 7-year-olds and pokes fun at the teenager’s eye rolls – all to put patients at ease. Gestures like these make Penn State Health a national leader in patient loyalty.

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Five hundred and counting: Linglestown resident returning to life as Penn State Health marks milestone

Penn State Health discharged its 500th COVID-19 patient last weekend. Brenda Pogue of Linglestown is among the hundreds whom the health system helped heal. She’s still getting better.

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Latest Ask Us Anything About

A piece of paper with the words "Diagnosis Incontinence" sits on a desk. On top of it are a stethoscope, pack of pills and reading glasses.

Ask Us Anything About… Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common, but nonetheless frustrating and embarrassing problem. The good news is that, for most people, lifestyle changes or medical treatment can help to alleviate the problem.

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Ask Us Anything About...COVID 19 Fatigue

When the pandemic began and lockdowns were ordered, many people were all onboard to do their part and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. But after a prolonged period of being vigilant, isolation and anxiety have drained people of their motivation, causing many to become less strict about Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. We learn more about so-called COVID-19 fatigue from Dr. Julie Graziane and Dr. Jonathan Nunez, both of Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

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Ask Us Anything About… COVID-19 Testing

Despite the fact that we’re many months into the COVID-19 pandemic, questions are still swirling about the various types of testing for the novel coronavirus. With incidence of COVID-19 trending upward in the U.S., the topic is as timely as ever. In this interview, we learn about the various types of tests, who should be tested and much more.

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Ask Us Anything About… Vascular Disease

Vascular disease can be any condition that affects a group or network of blood vessels called your circulatory system. Dr. Ali Amin, a vascular surgeon at Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center, answers viewer questions and gives families some helpful tips on how to address some of these important issues.

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Ask Us Anything About… Sexual Assault

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, an American is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. Deborah Medley, assistant nurse manager in the Emergency Department at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, discusses the issue of sexual assault and how to get help.

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Latest Community

Person dressed as the Penn State Nittany Lion and wearing a scarf runs along a path. Behind him are two asphalt paths, grass and trees.

Sign up for Carlisle Family YMCA Virtual Turkey Trot

Stay fit and have fun. Register for the Carlisle Family YMCA Virtual Turkey Trot, set for Nov. 22 to 30. Penn State Health is a presenting sponsor.

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Bases loaded with thanks

To reinforce a team message that every player matters, members of the Tripletown Aces youth baseball program and their families made thank you notes for the Environmental Health Services team.

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Tree-planting ceremony adds 100 saplings to Hershey Medical Center campus

Volunteers from Hershey Medical Center and the College of Medicine planted 100 native saplings on the Hershey campus on Oct. 15.

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Local jewel: Reading farm stand serves up fresh produce in food desert

Penn State Health helps sponsor the Blue Mountain Academy farm stand – an oasis for dozens of people in the heart of a food desert.

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Growing Hispanic population means increasing need to tackle health care barriers

Penn State Health and the College of Medicine help to create better health care outcomes for Hispanics by fostering partnerships in communities.

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Latest People

One man sits in and another stands next to a golf cart in a grassy area on a sunny day.

On par for life: Quick action, access to treatment saves golfer

Abdul Ishaq spends much of his life happily on the golf course – and has since he was a teenager – but the Hummelstown man says he will now remember it most as the place where his life was saved.

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I am Penn State Health: Nicolle Krebs

Penn State College of Medicine project researcher Nicolle Krebs is working to expand the understanding of addiction and why some people become addicted to drugs or cigarettes.

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Pawsitivity: College of Medicine students boost nursing students’ spirits during isolation

College of Medicine students gave incoming nursing students a little TLC – including providing baked goods and running errands – while they quarantined before clinical training.

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College of Medicine professor remembered for persistence, passion in research

Dr. Judith Weisz, one of the longest-serving faculty members at the College of Medicine with more than 45 years of service, passed away in October 2020 at the age of 94.

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Hershey Medical Center’s Peregino wins 2020 Nightingale Award

The Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania selected the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center’s Elisha Peregino as the winner in its 2020 Clinical Advanced Practice Registered Nurse category.

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