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I am Penn State Health: Viniquinn Terry

Viniquinn Terry is in a fitting place as a nurse in the cardiovascular intensive care unit at Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center – because he’s known for his big heart when it comes to his patients.

Quinn, as he’s called, takes his time at the bedside, a fact that many patients and their families frequently mention. His co-workers note that the Arkansas native always has a calm, kind demeanor that puts patients and staff at ease. Quinn traces his love of caring for others to both of his grandmothers. One was a certified nursing assistant, and the other was a licensed practical nurse.

This is the Best Part of Working at Penn State Health

I’m able to have a positive impact on someone’s life when they are at one of their lowest points.

Why I’m Excited about Joining the Penn State Health Family

I’ve worked at Holy Spirit for almost five years, and I’m excited to see the new changes that Penn State Health has brought, like the PAWS UP! employee recognition program.

Biggest Challenge

One word – COVID-19. I had a lot of support from the other nurses and respiratory therapists who I work alongside. During the height of the pandemic, I truly relied on my faith to help me cope. Knowing that I was helping someone is what kept me going.

Why Nurses Should Join Us at Holy Spirit or Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center

WE ARE GREAT! Seriously, my co-workers are amazing. I’m grateful to work in a friendly and supportive environment. 

How I Spend My Free Time

I like to read, bowl, go to the gym and play dominoes.

Favorite Way to Spend a Day Off

On the couch or… on the couch.

On My Bucket List

I’d love to go parasailing in Hawaii and Tahiti.

What Others Say About Quinn

“I worked side by side with Quinn during our biggest surge of COVID patients. He stepped up to the plate as a newer ICU nurse, ready for the challenge. He’s adaptable to any environment, always asking how he can help you. I can’t remember a time Quinn didn’t have a smile on his face and a polite word from his mouth.”

~ Brynn Strine, cardiovascular intensive care unit/cardiovascular unit assistant manager, Holy Spirit Medical Center

Nursing Opportunities

Penn State Health has opportunities for compassionate, skilled nurses like Quinn to join these departments, among others:

  • Acute care
  • Critical care
  • Surgical services
  • Emergency Department
  • Intensive care unit – night nurses
  • Recent nurse graduates

Learn more here.

Viniquinn Terry, left, laughs with Amanda Sheets at Holy Spirit Hospital. Both are wearing scrubs and face masks. Viniquinn has a surgical cap on his head and a name badge. Amanda is looking down and leaning on her right arm. She has long, straight hair and is wearing glasses.

Viniquinn Terry, left, shares a laugh with Amanda Sheets as he takes over as charge nurse at the beginning of his shift.

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