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Activity Insight helps faculty members collect data for annual reviews, promotion and tenure

Activity Insight is an online software tool designed to help faculty members collect, organize and display their data for the purposes of annual reviews, promotion and tenure, CVs and more. It is used throughout Penn State as the standard for promotion and tenure activity and became available at the College of Medicine in November 2019.

All faculty members should find this application useful for annual AC-40 reviews and five-year extended reviews. Within the next two years, Activity Insight will also become the preferred method of creating a dossier for promotion and tenure purposes.

In a letter to all faculty, Dr. John Boehmer, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, recommended that anyone who will be eligible for promotion in the coming few years start using the new tool immediately. “Entering your accomplishments in Activity Insight will greatly simplify the process of creating your dossier when the time comes for promotion,” Boehmer noted.

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