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Faculty, trainees recognized as excellent educators at EdVenture 2020

More than 100 faculty, residents and students were recognized as outstanding educators during EdVenture 2020 on Oct. 1.

EdVenture, Penn State College of Medicine’s annual celebration of teaching and learning, included virtual workshops for faculty and a lecture from Dr. Vivian Lewis, director of ombuds programming and development and professor emerita of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Rochester.

The following individuals were recognized:

2020 Distinguished Educator Awards:

  • Jayant Acharya, MD
  • Steven Allen, MD
  • Michael Flanagan, MD
  • Patricia McLaughlin, MS, DEd

Student-Nominated Excellence in Teaching Award:

  • Michael Aynardi, MD
  • Sankar Bandyopadhyay, MD
  • Sol De Jesus, MD
  • Nicholas Duca, MD
  • Shannon Grap, MD
  • Eileen Hennrikus, MD
  • William Hennrikus, MD
  • Christiana Oji-Mmuo, MD
  • Jaimey Pauli, MD
  • Robert Tunks, MD, MHS

Junior Faculty Teaching Award:

  • Eliana Hempel, MD, FACP
  • Amanda Nelson, PhD

Student Educator Award:

  • Bethany Latten
  • Christy Lucas
  • Indira Purushothaman

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching:

  • Robert Aber, MD
  • Alyssa Anderson, MD
  • Michael Aynardi, MD
  • Kirsteen Browning, PhD
  • Michael Chen, MD
  • David C. Chu, MD
  • Theodore Cios, MD, MPH
  • Amy Cruz, MD
  • Jeffrey Cruz, MD
  • Priti Dalal, MD
  • Anthony Dambro, MD
  • Kristin Disori, MD, MPH
  • Daleela Dodge, MD
  • Ping Du, MD, MS, PhD
  • Laura Duda, MD
  • Loren Evey, MA, PhD
  • Joseph Fotos, MD
  • Benjamin Fredrick, MD
  • Michael Freeman, MD, MA
  • Vitaly Gordin, MD
  • Julie Graziane, MD
  • Eliana Hempel, MD, FACP
  • Eileen Hennrikus, MD
  • Alexandra Horwitz, MD
  • Jenelle Izer, DVM, MS, DACLAM
  • Punit Jhaveri, MD
  • Annahieta Kalantari, DO
  • Kelly Karpa, RPh, PhD
  • Gurwant Kaur, MD
  • Ralph Keil, PhD
  • Fahad Khalid, MD
  • Scot Kimball, PhD
  • John Knoedler, MD
  • Michelle LaClair, MPH
  • Charlene Lam, MD, MPH
  • Carol LaRegina, MS
  • Jessyka Lighthall, MD
  • Richard Mailman, PhD
  • Jennifer McCormick, PhD, MPP
  • Johnathan McGinn, MD
  • Michael McShane, MD, EdM
  • Roberta Millard, MD
  • Abigail Myers, MD
  • Munima Nasir, MD
  • John Oh, MD
  • Aum Pathare, MD
  • Brandon Peterson, MD
  • Michael Pfeiffer, MD
  • John Potochny, MD
  • Michael Roberts, DO
  • Natasha Romanoski, DO
  • Stephen Ross, MD
  • Gail Rudnitsky, MD
  • Meredith Schade, MD
  • Zachary Simmons, MD
  • Gayle Smink, MD, MPH
  • Salvatore Stella, PhD
  • Mark Stephens, MD, MS
  • Sowmya Surapaneni, MD
  • Thomas Verbeek, MBChB
  • David Waning, PhD
  • Duane Williams, MD
  • Emmanuelle Williams, MD
  • Mary Ellen Wilson, MD
  • Nicholas Zaorsky, MD, MS

Excellence in Career Mentoring Award:

  • Basic Science Master Career Mentor – Carol Weisman, PhD
  • Clinical Science Master Career Mentor – Ian Paul, MD, MSc, FAAP
  • Basic Science Career Mentor – Tiffany Whitcomb, DVM, DACLAM
  • Clinical Science Career Mentor – Eric Pauli, MD, FACS, FASGE

Scholarship in Education Award:

  • Temitope Adebayo, MD
  • Debra Byler, MD
  • Rachel Casas, MD
  • Amanda Cooper, MD
  • Ami DeWaters, MD
  • Michael McCann, MD
  • Eric Messner, MSN, PhD
  • Timothy Riley, MD
  • Jarrett Sell, MD
  • Elizabeth Sinz, MD, MEd
  • Ajay Soni, MD
  • Heidi Wolf, MD

Resident Excellence in Teaching Award:

  • Aashish Abraham, MD
  • Alexander Birk, MD
  • Nora Elfiky, DO
  • Elise Hennessy, MD
  • Ryan Holcomb, MD
  • Audrey Kulayat, MD

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