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Khajuria receives Young Investigator Award

The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research selected Penn State College of Medicine postdoctoral scholar Dr. Deepak Kumar Khajuria as one of its 2020 Young Investigator Award recipients. He was one of 26 researchers who received the distinction.

A head-and-shoulders professional photo of Deepak Kumar Khajuria

Deepak Kumar Khajuria, PhD

The award sponsored his participation in a virtual training event hosted by the European Calcified Tissue Society. The course promoted general knowledge of bone research and provided mentoring opportunities to young investigators.

“The masterclass was a valuable opportunity for me to increase my understanding of methods in bone research and network with other investigators interested in skeletal research,” Khajuria said. He learned more about transcriptional control of bone cells, bone cell signaling and osteoimmunology, an emerging field with significant, potential applications in bone biology.

Khajuria is a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Reyad Elbarbary’s lab at the Center for Orthopaedic Research and Translational Science (CORTS) in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. He is working on a project titled “Regulation of microRNA homeostasis: Implications in bone fracture healing.”

The study will utilize state-of-art techniques to investigate a novel molecular mechanism that regulates bone fracture healing, with a special focus on diabetes-associated impaired healing. The project aims to define novel targets for therapeutic intervention to address the unmet clinical problem of fracture non-union that afflicts more than 1.5 million people in the United States annually.

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