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Pantanelli and Song recognized for Exceptional Moments in Teaching

Seth Pantanelli, MD, MS, faculty member, and Chen Song, MD, fellow, were recognized through the “Exceptional Moments in Teaching” program for the month of May.

Dr. Pantanelli is a professor of ophthalmology at the College of Medicine.

“Dr. Pantanelli is an incredible teacher who cares about his students, is passionate about his field and can effectively transfer that knowledge and passion to his students. He creates a “safe space” to voice questions and for mutual respect through his consistent patience with students in the clinic, OR and in research. He provides specific, actionable feedback on how his learners may improve and reach their goals. He also upholds the highest ideals of clinical and professional excellence in the workplace. Dr Pantanelli is truly an exemplar in all respects as a teacher and academic clinician. I am so thankful for his mentorship and can confidently claim that his influence has solidified my own passion for the field of ophthalmology and my keen excitement to pursue it as a career.”

Dr. Pantanelli trained at the University of Rochester and the University of Miami and has enjoyed teaching residents cataract surgery at Penn State and Harvard and at training courses across the United States for more than 10 years. He has been awarded the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at Penn State multiple times and is on the steering committee for surgical education in ophthalmology at the national level. His research interests lie in developing and testing new diagnostic and therapeutic devices that impact vision and recovery after surgery. He also loves to travel with his wife and two daughters, water skiing in the summer and snow skiing with them in the winter.

The resident/fellow awardee, Dr. Song, is a second-year infectious disease fellow at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

“Chen was an incredibly positive influence. This was my first rotation ever, and she took the time out of her schedule to sit and teach me. She ran through presentations with me, talked through patients and really made sure I was comfortable with everything I was doing. Chen sat with me and made sure every detail was correct, every bullet point flowed, and every important piece was there.  In a matter of a week, under her tutelage, my notes and presentations went from zero to hero. She made it an incredibly safe space to ask questions, to make questions, to be busy and to be idle. She lifted me up and made me feel like a worthwhile member of the team, even as a third-year just starting out. She role modeled for me what it means to be a leader, a diligent worker, but most importantly, to have the heart of a selfless teacher. Thank you, Chen, for helping shape me during my rotation with you.”

She grew up in China and later moved to Pennsylvania, where she has lived for the past 20 years. She became interested in infectious diseases while doing an elective rotation in her fourth year of medical school, which she found interesting and engaging due to the wide range of pathologies. As a fellow, she enjoys educational opportunities, as modeled by her team. In addition to clinical practice, Chen hopes to learn more about biostatistics and research in the future.  When not working, she enjoys hiking and trying out new board games with friends.

Penn State College of Medicine’s Office for a Respectful Learning Environment recognizes exceptional faculty, residents and fellows with the monthly “Exceptional Moments in Teaching” program. Each month, one faculty member and one resident/fellow are highlighted for their contributions. College of Medicine students are invited to submit narratives about faculty members, residents, nurses or any other educators who challenge them and provide an exceptional learning experience using the online nomination form.

The Office for a Respectful Learning Environment fosters an educational community at Penn State College of Medicine in which all learners and educators feel supported, challenged, valued and respected. It serves all learners at the College of Medicine: medical students, graduate students, physician assistant students, residents and fellows.

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