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Project ECHO Team Spotlight: Ashmita Grewal

Project ECHO Spotlight interviews feature advocates, participants or team members discussing their experiences with ECHO. Read more ECHO Spotlights.

Ashmita Grewal, MPH
Research Project Manager


Ashmita is a Research Project Manager and joined the ECHO team at Penn State in August 2021. Working with planning teams she facilitates successful ECHO series programs providing participants with the best experience possible. With five years of research experience, Ashmita also serves as the Project Director for the SAMHSA MOUD grant overseeing project staff in data collection on medication for opioid use disorder.

Thoughts on Project ECHO

“The ECHO model is such an incredible asset to healthcare and especially to clinics and providers in rural areas. It is an ingenious method of disseminating knowledge and offering support systems to clinicians who are then able to develop their skills and ability to provide care.”


  • “Ashmita is a wonderful teammate and person.  She brings a thoughtfulness and care to all of her work.  I appreciate her constant willingness to learn, grow, and ask for feedback.  She has taken on some challenging projects recently and has met those challenges with grace and amazing problem solving.  Ashmita is an asset, and we are so very lucky to have her on our team!” – Jessica Beiler, Project ECHO Team Member
  • “Ashmita is the beacon of support and reliability within project ECHO. She is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand and offer valuable insights. Her calm and caring nature not only fosters positivity and excitement for our projects, but also inspires confidence in challenging situations. I am so fortunate to have Ashmita as part of our team!” – Danielle Rei, Project ECHO Team Member

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