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Project ECHO Team Spotlight: Emily Heilbrunn

Project ECHO Spotlight interviews feature advocates, participants or team members discussing their experiences with ECHO. Read more ECHO Spotlights.

Emily Heilbrunn, MPH
Research Project Manager


Emily leads all scholarship development efforts for Project ECHO, recently led the Monkeypox ECHO series for healthcare professionals and served as Project Manager for a large, multisite PCORI-funded clinical trial. Additionally, Emily aids Project ECHO with many proposal and grant writing mechanisms, data management and evaluation metrics, and more. Emily’s favorite thing about working for Project ECHO is the wide variety of professionals available to work with, from the Penn State ECHO team to multidisciplinary experts of different fields. Emily shares, “As a young professional, it is invaluable to learn from such a diverse group, all while promoting the importance of high quality, equitable care.”

Thoughts on Project ECHO

“My favorite thing about the ECHO model is its ability to rapidly disseminate knowledge when there is a growing need for it. Our team has been able to uniquely position itself to serve the needs of providers and the general public during times of public health crises, as seen through our COVID-19 and Monkeypox works. In order to best serve our community, we must ensure that healthcare professionals have an opportunity to receive the most up-to-date information from experts, all while receiving continuous support and comradery from their colleagues and peers. Being able to equip individuals with an arsenal of knowledge to optimize health outcomes is an incredibly rewarding experience.”


  • “Emily is such an asset to the ECHO team – she leads our scholarship efforts, is an expert in data, and conceptualized and led our Monkeypox series in rapid, direct response to the public health concern. Culturally she brings a great combination of humor and diligence to the team!” – Project ECHO Team Member

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