New research networking tool replaces Penn State Profiles

Pure, the new research networking tool for Penn State, has replaced Penn State Profiles, which was decommissioned in September 2018.

Pure is part of a suite of applications from Elsevier that populates, stores, and allows retrieval of information on investigators and research units, including research output (such as publications). Penn State Research Portal is Penn State’s implementation of the Pure tool.

Pure aggregates research information from internal and external sources into a single platform and enhances the visibility and discoverability of research at Penn State, both internally and externally. It provides substantially greater utility than Penn State Profiles.

This system includes up to 5,000 faculty researchers throughout all Penn State colleges and campuses, with approximately 1,400 profiles available for College of Medicine use. The Penn State Elsevier contract is largely supported by the Penn State Office of the Vice President for research, with supplementary funds provided by the Office of the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the College of Medicine.

Much of the information in Pure is automatically populated via Scopus, the Elsevier abstract and citation database. While this automated import is robust, all faculty members or their designates are asked to take time to review profiles and submit requests for revisions or the addition of supplementary information.

The following types of information are particularly desired:

  • brief narrative of research interests (300 words)
  • educational and training history
  • honors and awards
  • official photos

Grant information, research projects and instrumentation (core facilities) details also appear in Pure.

Pure is now the best place to go to identify collaborators and mentors both within Penn State and among the more than 300 institutions worldwide that also use Pure. Pure provides detailed information on scholarly output, publication networks, citation data from journals and social media. Pure is quickly becoming a critical recruitment and strategic planning tool for the University.

Learn more about Pure, access the portal, and request updates here.

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