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Team Science Toolbox offers evidence-based techniques for common team issues

A new resource from Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute equips teams with scientifically validated approaches to tackle common problems.

Team Science Toolbox is designed for the non-team scientist and provides evidence-based techniques and interventions. The toolbox is available at the institute’s website at under Research Support.

“There’s so much science out there about how to form, build, develop and lead a team,” Susan Mohammed, professor of psychology, said. The Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute member compiled the toolbox. “How do you get it into the hands of people who need it in the trenches but do not have those skills themselves or don’t have a lot of time to delve into the team literature? I wanted to tailor a toolkit for people who don’t know much about team science. Just by reading a single entry, they can learn something to implement.”

The toolbox includes four sections: Team formation, team launch, team maturation and team assessment. Each entry in the toolbox contains a brief description, an explanation of its importance, examples, tips for success and additional resources.

The Team Science Toolbox can equip teams to be more effective and lead them to success. Mohammed also offers team science consultations to Penn State research teams as a service of Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute. Consultations are free and requested by completing a service request form at the institute’s website at

Mohammed discusses team science in an episode of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s Engage Podcast.

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