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University Park Campus shares update on MD students’ progress, accomplishments

Mark Stephens, MD, associate dean for medical education for Penn State College of Medicine MD program’s University Park Curriculum at the University Park Campus (UPC), provides a rundown on the academic year thus far, on behalf of the UPC team.

First-Year Medical Students (MS1): MS1s at the UPC have integrated themselves into the State College community and are enjoying the clinical immersions to complement their problem-based learning. Students have started early career exploration through shadowing, research and extracurricular interest groups, and are particularly appreciative of the support and guidance from Penn State University faculty. As the first semester draws to a close, the MS1s are looking forward to their upcoming physical examination skills session in December.

Second-Year Medical Students (MS2): The longitudinal integrated clerkship keeps the MS2s on their toes with a different core focus (sometimes two!) each day. Many are exploring career interests by spending time with different specialists. They are also busy with shelf studying and have been instrumental in helping with the LION Mobile Clinic.

Third-Year Medical Students (MS3): The MS3s are busy preparing for their Step 1 and Step 2 board exams. They continue to explore specialties of interest. Some students found clarity after completing their clinical explorations while others continue to contemplate a variety of possibilities. Outside of the classroom and clinical immersions, students have celebrated life accomplishments include marriage, first marathons and becoming a first-time parent!

Fourth-Year Medical Students (MS4): The University Park fourth-year medical students are scattered across the country on away rotations, interviewing for residency and working on research. Lauren Dennis is pursuing her master of public health and working with the Pennsylvania Department of Rural Health on a rural health project. Noor Kawmi presented her research on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on infant and young child nutrition at the American Public Health Association’s National Meeting in November. We are excited to see what the match holds for the Class of 2024 – here at University Park and also for our colleagues in Hershey.

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