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Drop Your Drawers celebrates life-changing weight loss

Penn State Hershey Surgical Weight Loss recently held its annual Fall Social and Drop Your Drawers event. Patients and guests enjoyed an evening celebrating the life-changing outcomes that surgical weight loss procedures can help to facilitate. Each year at the event, post-op surgical weight loss patients parade in pre-surgery clothing and reveal their new-found healthy bodies by “dropping their drawers.”

Highlights of this year's event included:

  • Fifteen participants dropped their drawers showing off a total of 1,931 pounds of weight loss.
  • Two participants had weight-loss surgery this summer; one lost 45.5 pounds since July and another lost 54 pounds since August.
  • A duodenal switch (a new procedure) patient participated with a 169-pound weight loss.
  • A heart transplant patient participated with a 165-pound weight loss.
  • A married couple who had their surgery three weeks apart participated with a combined weight loss of 202 pounds.
  • One participant journaled her weight loss through photos , holding up a sign for each month with her weight, losing 130 pounds to date.

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