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Penn State Health takes steps to secure employee pay and benefits during COVID-19 crisis

Penn State Health is committed to supporting our workforce through our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Penn State Health has implemented a pay and benefits security program to support staff during this public health crisis. The program ensures that all staff will continue to be paid at their current rate for normally scheduled work hours through May 9. This includes staff who are redeployed to alternative duties during their regular hours and those that may be asked to stay home without work as a result of reduced hours. Employees will also maintain their level of benefits in both circumstances.

“Our Penn State Health workforce is on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and fully focused on serving the needs of our patients and communities. I am humbled by their commitment and courage during this unprecedented challenge,” said Steve Massini, CEO of Penn State Health. “This pay and benefits security program is one way we can honor their commitment and help support our Penn State Health family as we work together to respond to this crisis and the economic ramifications that accompany it.”

More than 5,000 employees of Penn State Health, its hospitals and clinics have been asked to work remotely during the pandemic to help reduce the potential spread of the virus. Other staff have been redeployed to different locations and jobs as clinics have been temporarily closed or consolidated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the support of the Penn State Health Board of Directors, the health system has already taken several steps to support employees, including WELL Pay, a program designed to continue pay for staff that may have been exposed to the coronavirus and are required to quarantine at home. WELL Pay provides up to 14 days or shifts of salary continuance if the employee is unable to fulfill their work responsibilities in a remote capacity.

Additionally, the health system has enabled employees to use CARE pay for up to three shifts of time away from work due to child care and elder care closures related to COVID-19.

“These are challenging times. Penn State Health is committed to continuing to review our pay and benefits practices to ensure that as this situation evolves, we remain competitive and supportive of our workforce,” said Massini.

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