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I am Penn State Health: Kassie Heeman

Kassie Heeman knows she carries a lot of weight on her shoulders. “If I don’t see something, then the doctors don’t see it – and that’s a big deal,” said the Paxtonia resident who works as a sonographer at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in the Maternal/Fetal and Radiology departments.

She knows many of her patients are anxious about results, and she says she always tries to put herself in their shoes and be as reassuring as she can while telling each one, “You’re in good hands.” Heeman plans to become a physician assistant and hopes to work in that capacity at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in the future.

Those working on clinical workstations can view the video here.

This is the Best Part of Working at Penn State Health

In our department, we are all very close and support each other. There’s no negative pushback if you have a question. We know we can lean on each other.

Biggest Challenge

There are those tough cases, like when you have a fetal demise. If the patient is watching the screen, it’s hard to hide. I am allowed to tell the patient, and I can measure the fetus and give an estimation of when it appears to have happened. There is always shock and tears. There are really no words – it’s always tough.

Favorite Project

I give lectures to medical students about ultrasounds. I love educating people about ultrasound and how it’s different from other modalities. There’s no poking or prodding, no radiation and it’s fast.

Coping During COVID

It’s been challenging to find the right balance of staying cautious but not letting fear interfere with my job. A favorite quote that my grandfather taught me is “worry but don’t worry,” and I’ve used this quote a lot throughout the pandemic. I stay cautious but don’t let it affect my patient care or my ability to do my job.

On My Bucket List

I’ve never flown in a plane before, so that’s on my list!

I Couldn’t Live Without…

  1. My family
  2. My dog
  3. Pizza

What Others Say About Kassie

“Kassie is always a team player, dependable and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional patient care.”

~ Siobhan Shipe, chief sonographer

This is Why I’m Proud to Work Here

We are a teaching hospital, and we get many cases that other hospitals can’t handle. I’m proud that I work at one of the best hospitals in the state.

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