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I am Penn State Health: Cindy Twombley

Caring for others is in Cindy Twombley’s DNA. Maybe it’s because her parents fostered children in their home throughout her childhood and modeled service to others as a way of life, she says. Cindy is the clinical supervisor at Penn State Health Medical Group – Cocoa in Hershey.

“When patients walk through our door, there’s a connection that’s hard to put into words,” she said. “It’s a feeling of family, of sharing stories and relationships that go from birth to the end of life.” That’s one reason Cindy has stayed in her job for 20 years – she loves being part of the connection that makes life happier and healthier for the patients who have become a second family to her.

Watch video: See how Cindy works to help our patients have a positive experience each time they visit.

Users on clinical workstations at Hershey Medical Center: Click here to learn what makes Cindy excited about going to work every day.

This is the Best Part of Working at Penn State Health

Every day, I feel like I can have a positive impact on every patient.

Typical Day

I arrive by 6:30 a.m. to open the office and make sure everything is up and running. Then, I might draw labs on patients, check patient charts or follow up on quality control. My office is right inside the door where patients come in, so they always stop to chat.

Most Challenging Project

When we became part of Penn State Health Medical Group in 2017, that was a big transition. I played a central role in facilitating the change in the physical appearance and layout of our office while we continued to see patients. It was challenging and took some coordinating, but it turned out well.

My Part in the Big Picture

I do as much as I can before a patient’s visit to help the provider to spend the most time focused on that individual. I make sure any tests results are there and everything lines up for that visit.

How I Spend my Free Time

I spend a lot of time going to my grandchildren’s sporting events, camping and taking walks with my husband, Doug.

Three Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. My at-home family
  2. My work family
  3. Coffee, definitely!

On My Bucket List

Having more time to volunteer to help elderly and homeless people. They don’t seem to have connections with family or friends, or anyone to advocate for them.

What Others Say About Cindy

“Cindy is the type of person who never asks anyone to do something she wouldn’t do. She enjoys what she does, and it shows in her smile and in her work.”

~ Peggy DiLello, Penn State Health Medical Group ― Cocoa office manager

This is Why I’m Proud to Work Here

Penn State Health Medical Group is growing by leaps and bounds. I think our patients were nervous about becoming part of a bigger health system, but we’re proving that we still know them personally and are committed to providing them with excellent care.

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