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I am Penn State Health: Katie Loffredo

With her background as a registered nurse, Katie Loffredo has always valued the opportunity for human connection. Now as a certified clinical research coordinator at Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute, she identifies and visits potential trial recruits and makes sure trial protocols are met—but her favorite part is building relationships with patients by staying in close touch for the trial’s duration to keep them engaged, encouraged and aware that they are valued.

“That’s why I love nursing,” she said. “You have a unique position of influence, and you can use it to be a positive force in someone’s life.”


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I am Penn State Health -- Katie Loffredo

This is the Best Part of Working at Penn State Health

Knowing that I’m part of a larger team that helps increase the medical body of knowledge for industry-sponsored trials is rewarding. Ours is an area where there is a lot of innovative research going on.

Memorable Project

We have recently initiated an industry-sponsored clinical trial of a new mechanical circulatory device that provides support to patients with advanced heart failure. Study start-up has been challenging, but with the collaboration of many, we were able to have our first enrollment last week. It truly “takes a village” to start a new mechanical circulatory device trial.

My Part in the Big Picture

We’re on a journey to make advances in the treatment of heart disease, and I feel that I am privileged to be a part of the process.

Biggest Challenge

Finding patients who fit the criteria for the trials we are doing and are willing to participate.

How I Spend my Free Time

I enjoy simple things like taking walks with my dog and gardening.

Three Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Ice cream
  2. Contact with my young adult children
  3. My praise and worship CDs


I’m afraid of heights.

What Others Say About Katie

“Katie makes every effort to ensure the needs of our research participants are met. She attentively listens to their concerns and presses to get to the root cause of their needs.”

~ Kevin Gardner, clinical research operations manager, Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute

This is Why I’m Proud to Work Here

I feel good about making it possible for our doctors to offer research trials on new devices, therapies and medications to our patients. Because of the work we do, evidence-based treatments are available to help people and save lives.

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