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Mandated reporters in Pa. have access to free training program

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, and the iLookOut program is preparing mandated reporters to protect vulnerable children in Pennsylvania.

iLookOut is an evidence-based learning tool designed to help people better recognize and protect children at risk for abuse. Using an interactive, video-based storyline, iLookOut helps mandated reporters:

  • Recognize signs and risk factors for abuse, and know how to respond
  • Develop critical thinking skills related to child maltreatment, and minimize implicit biases
  • Better support families who are struggling

Here’s what learners have had to say about the iLookOut program:

  • “This was a very effective training for me. I was able to interact with the scenes, do the training at my own leisure, and go back to look for any questions I had. It was never stale or boring… [just] continuous learning. Thank you!!”
  • “This is the most interesting training I have ever taken about child abuse and mandated reporting: I feel I learned a great deal about the laws and responsibilities of a mandated reporter. I think that is because of the format in which it was presented.”
  • “The fact that the course was interactive was very helpful to me because I learn by doing and not just sitting and listening to the material. Being able to have input and answer questions as the materials were presented helped a lot.”

If you are a mandated reporter in Pennsylvania and need training, the iLookOut program is available to you at no cost.

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