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Lasting Legacies – Supporting the research mission

Support and resources are critical for research and innovation. Women at the College of Medicine have brought the leadership and resources necessary for research to thrive.

Sandra Wood, MLS, MBA and Virginia Lingle, MSLS

Librarians Wood and Lingle influenced students and faculty at the College of Medicine and beyond. Lingle directed many significant projects that benefitted the Harrell Health Sciences Library and the Hershey Medical Center community. Wood was a medical librarian for 28 years and founded and edited the Medical Reference Services Quarterly – a publication that serves as a resource for medical librarians.

Virginia Lingle sits at a desk

Virginia Lingle, MSLS

Sandra Wood sits at a desk

Sandra Wood, MLS, MBA

A head and shoulder portrait of Joyce Kales

Joyce Kales, MD

Joyce Kales, MD

In 1971, Kales and her husband relocated the Sleep Research and Treatment Center which was originally located at University of California Los Angeles to Hershey Medical Center, where it continues to support a variety of sleep research projects.

A head and shoulders professional portrait of Yuka Imamura

Yuka Imamura, PhD

Yuka Imamura, PhD

Imamura serves as director of the Genome Sciences and Bioinformatics Core Facilities. These resources allow College of Medicine investigators to research personalized medicine and discover genetic mechanisms of disease.

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