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Lasting Legacies – Training the next generation

Training and mentoring generations of clinicians and researchers is at the core of Penn State College of Medicine’s mission. From the beginning, the College of Medicine has trained top leaders in health care, research and education.

Mary Guinan, MD, PhD

Guinan completed her residency at Hershey Medical Center in the early 1970s. She went on to become the first woman to serve as chief scientific advisor at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1984. She was among the first scientists in America to identify the emerging AIDS cases of the 1980s as part of a larger epidemic of a new disease.

A head and shoulders professional portrait of Shou Ling Leong

Shou Ling Leong, MD

Shou Ling Leong, MD

Today, educators like Leong are researching new methods for training tomorrow’s physicians.

Anita Hopper, PhD and Carol Whitfield, PhD

Hopper and Whitfield were recognized as outstanding educators and mentors to female scientists.

A head and shoulders professional portrait of Anita Hopper

Anita Hopper, PhD

A photo of Carol Whitfield in a College of Medicine laboratory

Carol Whitfield, PhD

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