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Penn State expands access to scholarly content authored by university faculty, staff

As part of the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA), Penn State University Libraries entered into two agreements that will expand access to scholarly content authored by Penn State researchers and scholars.

The agreements with Cambridge University Press (CUP) and Public Library of Science (PLoS) are effective fro 2021 to 2023 and will reduce or eliminate open access (OA) fees for Penn State authors.

CUP Read and Publish Agreement:

A logo for Open Access Week includes the words Open Access as well as a stylized image of an open padlock.

Penn State corresponding authors can publish open access through Cambridge University Press (CUP) at no additional charge. This applies to research articles, review articles, rapid communications, brief reports and case reports. A small number (less than 10%) of Cambridge journals do not have an open access option and are excluded from the agreement. Corresponding authors need to be PSU affiliates for this agreement to apply.

PLoS Community Action Publishing:

Penn State is a member of PLOS’s Community Action Publishing program, which applies to only PLOS Medicine and PLOS Biology (not other PLOS journals). If all authors of a manuscript are at member institutions, their publication fees are automatically covered.

PLOS intends to charge non-member fees to authors at non-member institutions; those fees are currently waived if the corresponding author comes from a member institution. If the corresponding author is not at a member institution, but at least one of the manuscript’s co-authors is, there is a 25% discount towards the non-member fee.

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Additional assistance is available by contacting Esther Dell at or, or by leaving a voicemail at 717-531-8633. Those who are considering submitting a manuscript, or who have already submitted a manuscript to one of these publishers’ journals since the beginning of 2021, and are interested to see if the OA fee may be discounted or waived, should email or call.

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