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Penn State College of Medicine welcomes entering MD class of 2022 with White Coat Ceremony

Members of this year’s entering medical student class of 2022 at Penn State College of Medicine took their first step on their journey to becoming physicians on July 22 by receiving their white coats. The White Coat ceremony happens at the start of students’ journey to become a physician. The Penn State College of Medicine Alumni also gifted the students a custom Penn State stethoscope engraved with the lion shield and the text, “We are Penn State,” as a reminder that their College of Medicine education begins with a white coat, a stethoscope and a community that welcomes them with arms wide open.

“We are excited to welcome this exceptional group of students into our educational community,” said Dr. Dwight Davis, senior associate dean of admissions and financial aid. “We look forward to helping our students achieve their goals as they strive to become the next generation of health care providers our community needs.”

The class consists of 152 first-year students, including 13 who will participate in the University Park Curriculum and 139 who will study at the Hershey campus. The College of Medicine selected the students from 8,293 applicants. The students come from 25 states and Canada and 95 different colleges and universities. They have participated in basic science and clinical research, have served in more than 125 service organizations and speak 30 languages. There are also 16 students underrepresented in medicine and five with military service backgrounds.

When students were asked what inspired them to become a doctor and choose Penn State College of Medicine:

Maria Fabi, Hershey Curriculum, said, “I decided to pursue a career in medicine during my service in the United States Army, and I was drawn to the prospect of leading teams of medical professionals to think critically and solve problems, while prioritizing individual patient care. My aspiration to continue a service-committed life drew me to the mission of Penn State College of Medicine because of its intentional patient-centered care while demanding and embracing a dedication to training competent, well-rounded, community-driven physicians.”

Abdul-Jawad Majeed, University Park Curriculum, said, “I chose the Penn State College of Medicine University Park Program for one reason. I truly believe it will make me a better doctor. I joined a program that expects more of me as a student-doctor and, with the help of program leaders, I hope to rise to the challenge.”

Mandy Hsu, University Park Curriculum, said, “I choose the Penn State College of Medicine University Park Curriculum because of its commitment to community and people. Choosing a program that valued community involvement, patient interactions and medical humanities was really important to me.”

Courtland Kaye, Hershey Curriculum, said, “I chose PSCOM because, out of all my interviews, it was the one clear standout. The students I had the chance to talk to were happy and excited to share about their school, in a way that no other institution seemed to share. As I looked around online, this attitude continued to be mirrored. Penn State cares about its medical students, treats them well, and takes the time to construct a class full of good people, not just good physicians. In short, I chose to attend an institution that cares, full of people who care.”

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