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BodyViz 3D MRI and CT viewer available in Technology Sandbox

Penn State Clinical Simulation Center has recently purchased a copy of BodyViz, a 3D MRI and CT visualization software, and has made it available for use in the Harrell Health Sciences Library’s Technology Sandbox.

BodyViz renders MRI and CT data directly into interactive 3D visualizations. With BodyViz, users easily manipulate and explore human anatomy, perform virtual dissections, collaborate and share content, annotate anatomical features, review lessons and plan procedures.

BodyViz is available for use by all faculty, staff and students by appointment. Once a user starts the program, they will be able to select from more than 900 studies of both living patients and cadavers, or upload their own CT or MRI images. Using an Xbox controller, the scan can be manipulated and users can experiment with slicing through the image with planes, adjusting filters to the tissue densities desired and adjusting the coloring. Once finished, users can take screenshots to paste into Word documents or slide decks to share with others. BodyViz can be used to prepare lessons, study anatomy or prepare for medical procedures.

If interested in learning how to use BodyViz, or to explore the program, email Michael Cote at to set up an appointment.

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