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Fitness Center endowment offers funds to medical students

Penn State College of Medicine’s University Fitness Center is offering a new award for medical students.

Through the Adella Fasano Medical Student Endowment, the Fitness Center is able to provide funds for programming directly related to medical student health, fitness and well-being.

The endowment will provide one medical student annually with the opportunity to obtain Spinning Instructor Certification through an appropriate certified instructor program.

Applications are accepted year-round; typically, one award will be made annually.

When funds are available, this endowment may also financially support other opportunities to augment medical students’ understanding, appreciation and competencies to lead physical activity and well-being endeavors such as yoga, a martial art, meditation, etc. Such awards will also be made annually if available.

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Award Details: Adella Fasano Medical Student Endowment

Eligibility Expand answer

Applicants must be an enrolled medical student at Penn State College of Medicine and ideally, a first-year medical student (but others may be considered).

Commitment Expand answer
  • Secure a Spinning Instructor Certification (for the primary award) or a specific group fitness instructor certification in addition to holding a generic group fitness certification (for the secondary award).
  • Commit to serving as an instructor at the University Fitness Center during the academic year following obtaining the certification.
    • Ideally, this means teaching a class on a regular basis, typically one or more sessions per week.
    • Responsibilities of being an instructor include maintaining a safe, yet high-energy environment; providing reliable and timely communications to management and to class participants; and substituting for other instructors when possible.
    • Typically, this is a paid position.
  • Agree to be evaluated and mentored by other instructors at the fitness center.
  • Use student-based social media and information outlets to promote the awardee’s class(es).
  • Network with the student wellness organizations (such as the Exercise is Medicine interest group) and student wellness leadership.
  • Create a personal statement emphasizing the benefits of group exercise on physical and/or mental well-being. This statement may be published in the fitness center newsletter and/or displayed on a bulletin board in the fitness center.

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