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Employees asked to help keep office, work spaces clean

During the July 1 Penn State Health town hall, several employees submitted questions about cleaning and disinfecting their office and work spaces.

Employees at all locations are encouraged to clean their personal work areas and high-touch surfaces frequently throughout the workday. This includes keyboards, computer mouse, desks, work phones, cell phones, desks and copy machines.

Environmental Health Services has provided the following cleaning supplies:

  • Academic Support Building ― disinfectant in spray bottles
  • College of Medicine ― disinfectant in spray bottles
  • Hershey Medical Center ― PDI purple-top wipes
  • 100 Crystal A ― hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes on each floor and in each breakroom
  • St. Joseph Medical Center ― PeroxiGard disinfectant. Contact Environmental Services at x2424 to order. Place orders for disposable wipes through Lawson.

On the Hershey campus and at St. Joseph Medical Center, Environmental Health Services staff continue to clean high-touch areas, such as door handles, handrails, public phones, elevator buttons, microwaves, bathrooms and hard surfaces, frequently throughout the day.

Individual outpatient and nonclinical sites have similar cleaning protocols with contracted cleaning services. Environmental Health Services employees clean high-touch areas in offices after-hours when they are unoccupied. In the 100 Crystal A building, a janitor cleans high-touch areas throughout the day.

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